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Our Story

ReSource FloorCare has deep roots in commercial flooring cleaning and maintenance.  In 2005, ModularDesigns was becoming a leading commercial flooring contractor in the greater Charlotte region.  Over the years, many customers approached ModularDesigns to maintain the commercial flooring that they had installed for them.  They were looking for the same high level of service provided by ModularDesigns’ installation crews.

ModularDesigns worked with industry consultants and the major flooring manufacturing to develop the best systems of maintenance specific to the manufacturer installed and the type of facility it was installed in.

In-house technicians were hired and ModularDesigns Environmental Services was born.  This service quickly grew.  Our growth was (and continues to be) calculated as to not extend ourselves too far so that a consistent level of service is provided.

In 2014, ModularDesigns was acquired by OfficeEnvironments.  In 2018, additional resources were put into the division and 3 partners purchased back the maintenance division.  This division became an LLC known as ReSource FloorCare.  ReSource FloorCare continued to provide the same level of service to the accounts we started servicing in 2005.  Our original technicians that started with us in 2005 are still with us today.

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ReSource FloorCare relies on proven industry science and technology.  Additionally our experience over the last 13 years is extremely valuable as we clean and maintain a variety of facilities.


We believe in the value of frequency cleaning.  As not all of a commercial facility receives the same about of foot traffic throughout.  We believe in understanding the manufacturer’s recommendations in order to protect the warranties they provide.  We believe in employing the best technicians in our industry and providing them with ongoing training, innovative technology, and support to delight our customers.


We create a maintenance plan with our clients to reach desired results.  Extending the life of commercial flooring is our goal.  Providing healthy interiors and air quality is a priority.


The longer floorcovering last, the less will be disposed of or recycled.  We continually work with our clients to ensure correct process is in place.  This requires a partnership with the manufacturer, having adequate walk off / entry systems, working with the janitorial team, and establishing an effective maintenance plan in the most cost effective way.

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